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Control Unit Repair

Due to the backlog of work that we are currently dealing with, we are no longer accepting any control units for repair.

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  • Control Unit Repairs
  • ECU Cloning
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Engine Control Unit Repairs

Why spend thousands on a new unit when it can be repaired!  The Engine control Unit (ECU) is like the heart of the engine management system. series of actuators on an internal combustion engine to ensure optimal engine performance. It does this by reading values from a multitude of sensors within the engine bay, interpreting the data using multidimensional performance maps (called lookup tables), and adjusting the engine actuators.  All modern vehicles contain a number of control units.  These are often costly to replace when they go wrong.  Our technicians offer a repair  service to save you the excessive costs.

Services Available

  • ECU Repair – We repair car, bus, truck and tractor control modules
  • Instrument Cluster Repair – We repair car, bus, truck and tractor instrument clusters.
  • Control Modules – We repair a variety of control modules (Airbag modules, Transmission Control Modules, Body Control Modules)

Heres how we work:

  1.  You send us your faulty unit
  2. Our experts promptly repair the unit
  3. We return your repaired unit, ready to go, no programming required
We are Ireland’s leading ECU specialists
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