AUTOOL SDT205 Car Smoke Leak Detector


Dual Test Modes

AUTOOL SDT205 EVAP Smoke Leak Detector has dual test modes, including Air mode and Smoke mode.

  • Air mode: it is possible to diagnose whether there is a leak through the pressure gauge without output smoke.
  • Smoke mode: equipped with an independently controlled smoke generator. This mode can be activated in case a leak is found, enabling you to locate the leak precisely.

Quick leak diagnosis by pressure display

  • No leaks: if the value of the pressure gauge remains the same, it means there is no leak in the pipeline system.
  • Small leak: if the value of the pressure gauge drops a bit, it indicates a small leak in the pipeline system.
  • Serious leak: if the pressure gauge reaches zero, it indicates a large leak in the pipeline system.

Overheat and anti-freeze protection:

The smoke detector is equipped with the latest intelligent protection devices. When the temperature of the unit exceeds 75 °C, the power protection will intelligently shut down to ensure the safety of the operator and the unit. After 10 minutes of continuous work, the unit will be activated to protect against overheating for more than 5 minutes, while the unit also can work at cold temperatures. Support 12V car battery only.

Handy drain outlet

When all tests are completed, it helps to drain out the remaining oil, which can effectively prevent the test oil from being left in the machine for a long time to corrode the machine. The oil can be recycled for secondary use.

How to do leak detection?

  1. Fill 10ml-20ml test oil into the smoke leak detector.
  2. Open the pipe that needs to be connected to the leak detector.
  3. Install the universal airbag adapter to the sealed pipeline and connect it to the unit\’s smoke duct.
  4. Connect the detector to the car’s DC12V battery, and it starts to work.
  5. Turn on the Air mode. Check if there is a leak through the pressure gauge with the state of no smoke output.
  6. After determining that there is a leak in the pipeline, please turn off the Air mode. Then turn on the Smoke mode and send smoke into the line to locate the leak.
  7. Under the premise of being well-sealed, the pipeline can be filled with smoke in about 1 min. If there is a leak, it can be easily located within 2~3 min.

Packing list:

  • 1pcs * AUTOOL SDT205 main unit
  • 1pcs * Power Cord
  • 1pcs * Smoke Hose
  • 1set * Universal Hard Rubber Plug
  • 1pcs * Test oil filling bottle (Oil not included)
  • 1pcs * Valve Core Wrench
  • 1pcs * EVAP adapter
  • 1pcs * Universal Cone Adapter
  • 1pcs * Universal Airbag Adapter
  • 1pcs * User manual


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