TopDon T-Ninja Box Programming Tool – Complete with Cables


The T-Ninja Box is TOPDON’s newest programming tool for some car keys & some immobilizer system. This powerful tool allows users to read and write key chip data, generate special keys and more.


Note can only be used with some of Topdons range of diagnostic tools (cant be used stand alone)
Note user needs to have experience in reading and writing Eeproms and processors and have experience in soldering (or be willing to spend time practicing and learning)

Your Choice For Compatibility & Coverage

With the T-Ninja Box you get Comprehensive Database of US, Euro, and Asian brands such as Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda, SEAT, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Toyota and others. This cutting edge programming tool is compatible with the most prominent ECU, MCU, and EEPROM Manufacturers. Its coverage includes Atmel, ST, MicroChip, Renesas R32C, NEC and much more.

Continuous Upgrades & Timely Support

TOPDON constantly updates its database to include more vehicle models and new functions to offer users tools that are reliable, durable and that will not become obsolete over time.
TOPDON also offers timely and high quality technical support to assist customers when performing complex functions with their TOPDON tools. TOPDON’s tech support agents are always ready to provide up to date and clear operating instructions and guide users through any technical issues they might have.

Efficient, Fast, Accurate & Multi Functional

  • Reading and writing the fourth generation of Volkswagen UDS engine chips.
  • Some Volkswagen and Audi MQB platform vehicles engine ECU replacement.
  • Some models, Instrument and steering column replacement (Unnecessary to access the original engine data, Instead it can be read directly from the key).
  • Fourth generation Audi models, EZS, comfort control module, and KESSY chip replacement. (Available even if all keys are lost).
  • Fifth generation Audi gearbox replacement.
  • Supports more than 170 Bosch engine ECU’s, 20 Siemens engine ECU’s, 20 kinds of transmission ECU’s which can be cloned by BENCH mode.

Cutting-Edge Advanced Features

The T-Ninja Box supports a wide array of advanced features, allowing its users to access important functions including Mercedes Benz infrared key matching, lock reading and writing, three generations of engine gearbox computer brush empty, four generations of engine computer cloning, four generations of FDCT and 9-speed gearbox computer copy.

Limitless Capabilities

This advanced programming device works on the most common IMMO systems in control units such as Engine, Automatic Transmission, Instrument, CAS, Body and Lock Systems

Compatible With The TOPDON Phoenix Series

The T-Ninja Box is compatible with the Phoenix Series of Scanners, the perfect add on tool to further expand your diagnostic capabilities! This easy-to-use tool offers a simple and intuitive connection with no binding needed, It supports BMW engine replacement, matching or copying, IMMO system replacement matching, key matching, transmission computer wiping and more.

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