Topdon 900 BT with 2 years updates


2023 Newest Upgrade – More Powerful

AD900 BT is the latest diagnostic scan tool released in 2023. With its 28 advanced service functions, you can easily diagnose any car problem. The scanner tool has upgraded ECU online coding, Bi-directional control, can be extended to cover over 130+ car brands. It is equipped with 2 years of free updates, 4-core 1.8Ghz CPU for efficient operation and powerful 6300mAh battery that provides up to 11 hours of battery life.

28+ Hot Reset Features & OE Level Full System Diagnosis

With 28 advanced service functions at your disposal, rest assured that you are equipped to make a car roadworthy. Including bi-directional control, Auto VIN, ECU code online, Oil Reset, ABS Bleed, EPB Service, SAS, DPF, BMS, Throttle Reset, Injector Code, Headlights, Transmission, A/F, and more! Keep Your Diagnostic Process Smoother. For more special functions, refer to the special function menu in a specific syste.

ECU Coding Online, Unlock More Features

The AD900BT car scan tool takes ECU coding to the next level, allowing you to access advanced features such as enabling hidden functions, making modifications, performing power balance matching, and even coding replacement parts. Please note that the availability of these services may vary depending on your specific car model. We highly recommend checking compatibility before placing an order to ensure a seamless experience. Please feel free to contact us with any questions during the coding process. Our team can provide technical support.

Excellent Bi-directional Control

This wireless Bi-directional tool can send commands and receive information to perform specific tests and functions such as window/mirror/door lock tests and throttle adjustments to help you locate problems quickly. And our personalized concealed VIC interface storage design allows for easier storage, 3 LED indicators to quickly show you the status of your connection.

4-in-1 Data Graphs+More Personalized Features

With many unexpected one-click operation features, such as one-click update/upgrade to stay up-to-date. One-click fault code clearing to quickly detect and clear fault codes for all vehicle systems with just one click. Quick access to historically tested vehicle systems without having to go through AutoVIN again. Share data reports that In addition, you can use the scan tool remote assistance feature to get help from your friends or customers to make problem solving easier.

130+ Brand Coverage, 18 Languages

AD900BT scan tool for all cars works with 130+ model brands, 10,000+ models, helping you with 99% of US, European and Asian car brands. We support 18 languages, don’t let the language barrier stop you.

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