3-36V DC Car Truck Voltage Circuit Tester


Electric pen/digital display electric pen 3-36V/maintenance and inspection electric pen tool

Product features:

1. Sharp steel probes can easily penetrate the insulation layer of wires to check the circuit.

2. The probe pen is very suitable for checking circuits, fuses, switches, and wiring in cars, trailers, ships, motorcycles, and other low-voltage systems.

3. Ground the crocodile clamp and test the circuit with a probe. If the light is on, it means there is electricity.

Product Usage:

1. Clamp the measured crocodile clip onto the ground wire (such as the metal or negative electrode of a car)

2. Measure the conductive metal in the contact test circuit of the stylus tip

3. If the light bulb of the stylus lights up, it indicates that the measured point has formed a circuit and is working normally. On the contrary, there is a fault at the tested point, which needs to be investigated.

Product specifications:

Material: ABS+metal

Color: As shown in the picture

Clamp capacity: 20A

Bulb: 3-watt bulb (replaceable)

Voltage test range: 6V-24V;

Pen length: 17.3 cm/6.8 inches

Probe length: 8.3 cm/3.3 inches

Line length: 96 cm/37.8 inches

Packaging weight: 140 grams

Please note:

Due to different world voltages, please allow a tolerance of ± 1.5V.

Product List:

1 * Test pen


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